Testing & Balancing

Midwest Testing Services (MTS) provides Testing, Adjusting & Balancing (TAB) services to a wide variety of clients in both commercial and industrial facilities. For more information about any of our TAB services, select the respective specialty below.

TAB Services We Provide

TAB Equipment

Midwest Testing Services (MTS) utilizes the latest technology for both HVAC testing, adjusting & balancing, medical gas testing and commissioning.

Our basic HVAC testing, adjusting and balancing (TAB) equipment includes the following items:

  • Alnor & Airflow Balometers
  • Fluke Digital Airflow Meter & Pitot Tubes
  • Alnor Velometer
  • Tachometer
  • Multi-Meter & Ammeter
  • Oriflow Air/Duct Leakage Test System

Our testing equipment is calibrated and certified on a regular basis to ensure proper functionality and accuracy. We strive to utilize both state of the art equipment as well as time-tested standard equipment the industry has relied on for years.